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The Lord Of The Rings Slot

The Lord Of The Rings Slots [.com] website is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with New Line Cinema, New Line Productions Inc. or Warner Bros Digital Distribution and is a totally independent fan site dedicated to bringing you the latest unofficial news regarding the Lord Of The RingsTM slots games.

Upd Nov 21, 2012: The LOTR slot was decommissioned in June and at the time, no-one quite knew why. However, it now transpires that the JRR Tolkein Estate is suing Warner Bros New Line Cinema division over what it considers to be a breach of it's brand licensing agreement dating back to 1969, directly referencing "electronic or digital rights".

However, Microgaming have since released two similar slot games: Avalon II (reviewed here) which has a similar theme and multi-featured bonus round plus the more recent Game Of Thrones slot based on the popular TV series, a more suitable replacement for the LOTR slots in my opinion.

There have been two Lord Of The Rings slot machine franchises granted to date, one for online play that went to Microgaming and one for land-based machines which was the first to be granted and was picked up by WMS Gaming. However, on June 27th 2012, Microgaming released the which is an exact clone of the LOTR game (but obviously with a Batman theme!) ahead of decomissioning the Lord Of The Rings game the following day.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I've ever come across an online slot developer discontinuing a slot game and having it removed permanently. But The Dark Knight is the same game as Lord Of The Rings so hopefully it's not too much of an upheaval. For the record, below is the historical information for the game you can no longer play! Check out my Dark Knight slots website for information on the new game.

Lord Of The Rings Slots Online (Decommissioned)
One Lord Of The Rings slot franchise was issued to the online casino software provider Microgaming who brought the LOTR slots online, the first of which was released in 2010, then pulled and re-releasd with a progressive jackpot in 2011! The second version was decommissioned in June 2012.

In January 2010, Microgaming announced the licence to release a trilogy of Lord Of The Rings slots (based on the movies which seems to becoming a more common theme what with Playtech's King Kong Slot and the amazing Gladiator) through a deal with Warner Bros Digital Distribution who are responsible for licensing deals for New Line Cinema as I understand it. September 2010 saw the release the the first of these games, "The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring" but the trilogy never reached fruition.

The online version of the Lord Of The Rings slot wasn't just exclusive to Microgaming casinos as it turns out. They produced a Flash version too which formed part of the games suite at several "open platform" casinos like Virgin Casino and the popular Bet365 Games (both casinos also have several popular land-based slots plus Thunderstruck 2, one of my favourite Microgaming slots!).

The 'flash' version of the Lord Of The Rings slot ran pretty much as smoothly as the 'download' version, although if you hit any of the Gollum features too early into your session you had to wait a few seconds while the feature is loaded. That's simply because the sheer volume of graphics, animations and sounds in the game meant there was a shedload of stuff to load up! Expect the same in the Flash version of The Dark Knight too.

Lord Of The Rings Slot RTP
For the record, the progressive version of this, Microgaming's first Lord Of The Rings slot, had an RTP (expected return to the player over the long term) of 96.30% although I can't tell you what proportion of that was accountable to the random jackpots... it's normally around 3% give or take a percent on most online jackpot slots I've come across.

Lord Of The Rings Slot - Land-Based Version (WMS)
The other licence was issued to WMS Gaming who make massively popular land based slot games like Zeus, Wizard Of Oz and Star Trek and they subsequently issued a PR stating their Lord Of The Rings slot would be released in Q4, 2010. In actual fact, the first WMS Lord Of The Rings slots started appearing in land-based casinos at the start of July of the same year, slightly ahead of schedule. The WMS LOTR slot is based on their superb Star Trek vibrating-seat slot concept which you may have seen in Vegas. I played that one myself and it is awesome with it's special chair rigged up with surround sound in the headrest! Read More: WMS Lord Of The Rings Slot.

Lord of the Rings Slot Video

Where to Play Lord Of The Rings Slots Online

About The Casinos

The online casinos selected above all have the Lord Of The Rings slots from Microgaming. I've selected these because I have played at each of them myself and know them to be safe, reliable casinos each using the excellent Microgaming software platform available as both a download version or in Instant Play (Flash) mode via your web browser. Please note that, as at the time of writing, American players are not accepted at Microgaming casinos and consequently are unable to play the LOTR slots online.

If you choose the download option rather than the Instant Play casino at each of the above, it will take longer to install but will give you two benefits: firstly, the download version has around 100 extra slot games (both versions have the Lord Of The Rings slot) and you'll also get the Microgaming module for playing slot tournaments. I expect the LOTR slots will play a part in these at some stage. There are several freeroll and sit 'n' go slot tournaments every day.

Comparing The LOTR Slots

Apart from imagery, there do appear to be similarities between the WMS Lord Of The Rings slot released into land-based casinos and the online version produced by Microgaming. Each game contains stacked wilds and a range of bonus features including free spins along with footage from the New Line Cinema film itself. The WMS slot machine in fact contains no less than 8 unlockable bonus rounds!

Microgaming's Lord Of The Rings slot game (well, actually there will be 3 eventually as their licence purportedly permits them to developing a whole trilogy of Lord Of The Rings slots) is a 243-line slot (pays all ways basically) and is based on their Thunderstruck 2 engine. Again it features bonus rounds (too many small and pointless Gollum features for my liking if I'm honest although some are very good) and free spins. Side-by-side, these two slots play substantially differently to one another but there are obvious similarities in the graphical and audio elements.

The Lord Of The Rings Online Slot

The Lord Of The Rings Slots
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